Training Practice

GP Trainees

The practice is involved in training the next generation of GPs. So, we often have GP Trainees working with us to learn all about general practice. GP Trainees are fully qualified Doctors who have completed several years in posts in hospitals gaining experience in different specialities. To complete their training, they must spend time in a practice. Their training involves an element of video consultations. You will always be asked if you wish to participate in this.

Medical Students

We are also involved in training medical students. You will be asked if you will agree to see a medical student to discuss your case. You will then always go on to see a GP who will decide on your care.

The Doctors Continuing Professional Development

All doctors have to continue to learn even after becoming GPs. We are required now to spend many hours in educational pursuits each year. Areas of improvement are identified with help from GP tutors and plans made to learn more in these subjects.

As part of our continuing training we all may from time to time ask to video our consultations. You will have a choice whether you wish to be involved.